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Dr. Michael E. Webber

As the John J. McKetta Centennial Energy Chair in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Michael E. Webber trains the next generation of energy leaders at The University of Texas at Austin through research and education at the convergence of engineering, policy, and commercialization.
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Graduate Students
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Group Alumni

Dr. Sam Aminfard
Marisa Ballard
Dr. Arkasama Bandyopadhyay
Nicole Mae R Bariuan
Lindsay Bartlett
Dr. Fred Beach
Dr. Colin M. Beal
Nicholas Behling
Dr. Bruk Berhanu
Dr. Catherine Birney
Ben Branstetter
Alex C. Breckel
Alix Broadfoot
Mary E. Clayton
Dr. Stuart M. Cohen
Julia Conger
Dr. Margaret A. Cook
Jen Cregar
Dr. Todd Davidson
Dr. Thomas A. Deetjen
Roger Duncan
Yuval Edrey
Ben A. Eisterhold
Dr. Robert L. Fares
Dr. Carlos Galdeano
Juan Garcia
Griffin Gardner
Dr. Jared B. Garrison
Julia Gawlick
Dr. Isabella Gee
Gary M. Gold
Steven J. Goldman
Will H. Gorman
Breanna Granzow
Courtney Grosvenor
Dr. Emily Grubert
Dr. Benjamin Gully
Dr. Chioke B. Harris
LTC Corey James
Dr. Sam Johnson
Castlen Kennedy
Erin M. Keys
Dr. Carey W. King
Andrew King
Jill B. Kjellsson
Emma Laub
Dr. Nick Laws
Jamie Lee
Dr. Mike Legatt
Dr. Melissa C. Lott
Adolfo Lozano
Dr. Neal Mann
Betsy Martinez
Faith Martinez Smith
Scott McNally
Jena Medina
Colin Meehan
Mia Moore
Dr. Kazunori Nagasawa
James E. Newman
Richard North
Brynjolfur V. Olafsson
Abigail H Partridge
Yash Patil
Leah Pretorius
Paolo Puccini
Dr. Nathan Putnam
Vineet M. Raman
Katrina Ramirez-Meyers
Dr. Andrew S. Reimers
Kelsey Richardson
Dr. Bonnie C. Roberts
Riley Robinson
Heather Rose
Gregory Ross
Isaac O. Sanchez
Blake C. Sandall
Alisa K. Schackmann
Dr. Anna H. Schleifer
Justin Shih
Marianne Shivers Gonzalez
Dr. Matthew Skiles
Dr. Colin Smith
Brittany Speetles
Dr. Ashlynn S. Stillwell
Coleman A. Tharpe
Dr. Aaron Townsend
Gordon Tsai
Dr. Kelly Twomey Sanders
Dr. Charles R. Upshaw
Dr. Scott Vitter
Elizabeth L. Waite
Dr. Philip R. White
Zachary N. Wilhoit
Rita D. Wilkinson
Dr. David M. Wogan

Recent PhD Graduates Are Gainfully Employed


University of Illinois, USC, U.S. Military Academy, Notre Dame, Columbia University, Colorado State, Texas A&M

National Labs

NREL, ANL, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ETH in Zurich

Energy Industry

ExxonMobil, Shell, NextEra, Orsted, CLEAResult, Uplight, RWE, Lancium, Positive Energy

Finance and Consulting

Coatue, private equity, Bain, SystemIQ


IdeaSmiths, Resilient Grid, Low Carbon Beef


  • FERC, U.S. Department of Energy, EPA, State Department
  • Railroad Commission, Texas Water Development Board
  • Austin Water

Foundations, Think Tanks and NGOs

Sloan Foundation, Houston Advanced Research Center, APERC, Energy Futures Initiative, Clean Air Task Force
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