Andrew Igdal

Andrew, originally from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, combines a background in Physics and Economics from NC State with a homegrown passion for environmental sustainability. During his high school years, he dedicated time to Habitat for Humanity, working on DOE-net zero homes and gaining practical experience in sustainable housing. Professionally, he has performed research as part of the Post Road Foundation, focusing on quantifying and motivating targeted and effective beneficial electrification programs in underserved rural communities in Alabama.

As of August 2023, Andrew is pursuing a master’s degree in Energy and Earth Resources and a PhD in Public Policy at UT Austin, aiming to address the challenges of energy efficiency and sustainable housing. His academic and professional focus lies in balancing the energy transition with economic, environmental, and societal needs.

Outside of his academic pursuits, Andrew enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, to keep a connection with nature. He is also an avid reader and writer, using these hobbies to both broaden his knowledge and share his thoughts. Andrew’s approach is rooted in practicality and a commitment to making a tangible impact in the field of energy and sustainability.

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