We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Energy

The Webber Energy Group is a research group of professionals and students within the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin led by Professor Michael E. Webber.
Post-PhD Researchers
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
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Our Goal is to Create Experts and Thought Leaders

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Our Vision

The world will see us as an engaging and expert group of people who can effectively communicate non-biased, objective, dispassionate information about energy and the environment.

Our Mission

Change the way the world thinks about energy.

Our Objectives

We pursue our mission in two ways:

  1. We perform rigorous, multidisciplinary research that stands the test of time on topics related to energy and the environment.

  2. We disseminate our findings as broadly as possible, with a particular focus on educating the general public and informing policymakers.

Our Research Has Real-World Impact

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Testimony & Briefings

We’ve delivered testimony or briefed officials more than 25 times.

Research Roadmaps & Primers

  • Mission Innovation for Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz
  • National Science Foundation Energy-Water Nexus Roadmap


  • Texas Net-Zero by 2050

  • Part of the Energy Act of 2020 includes sections based on our research that was presented to Senator Murkowski through testimony at Senate hearings

We Work on Projects Outside Traditional Academia

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The Group has Prolific Authorship

more than
Peer-reviewed conference papers (2008–2022)
more than
Scientific papers in peer-reviewed archival journals (2008–2022)
more than
Op-eds in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Forbes, …
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We Are Supported by a Variety of Organizations and People

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