Typically, engineers and scientists fail to engage in the policy-making process, the consequence of which is an incoherent mix of national energy policies that accidentally undermine each other, fail to achieve strategic aims, or are impossible from the outset. The Webber Energy Group at the University of Texas at Austin is seeking to rectify this problem by bridging the divide between policymakers and engineers & scientists for issues related to energy and the environment. For our research, we apply our technical skills to analyze the societal context of our research problems. We bring the scientific method and technical expertise to bear on policy-oriented research questions as a way to inform decision-makers and help get the world onto a better energy path.

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Research Symposium 2024

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January 4-5, 2024
AT&T Center, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Thursday, January 4, 2024
1:00–1:45Michael E. WebberWelcome, Introduction, Global Energy Trends and Group Overview
1:45–2:00Dr. Yael GlazerExpanding our circle of influence: understanding circularity and life cycle assessments
2:00–2:30Dr. Yael GlazerWhat goes around comes around: Environmental Tradeoffs of 3D Printing with Waste Plastics
2:30–3:00Sarah ReynoldsPathways for a Circular Economy in Oil and Gas
3:15–3:30Dr. Emily BeagleSo what’s all the HUBbub about hydrogen?
3:45–4:00Lea DanielAnalyzing a hydrogen corridor from Houston to Los Angeles
4:00–4:30Esther GoitaAre Hydrogen Fugitive Emissions Truly A Problem?
4:30–4:45Dr. Emily BeagleWhy Hydrogen is Good for Texas and Texas is Good for Hydrogen
4:45–5:00Dr. Emily BeagleHydrogen and the Food-Energy-Water Nexus
5:15–5:30Isabella PetersonAdvancing energy efficiency through statewide conservation policy in Texas
5:30–6:00Dr. Joshua RhodesThe Impact of the Texas 2023 Legislative Session on the ERCOT Grid
6:00–6:45Reception (and group photo)
Friday, January 5, 2024
8:30–9:00Nick LawsValuing Distributed Energy Resources for Non Wires Alternatives
9:00–9:30Matthew SkilesAssessing the potential for building retrofits to mitigate ERCOT load shed during Winter Storm Uri
9:30–10:00Drew KasselConnecting Texas to a National Grid and Preventing Winter Storm Blackouts
10:15–10:45Braden PecoraDoes weather year matter for grid modeling?
10:45–11:00Melina KatsiroumbaEquity and the ERCOT Power System: Considering Environmental Externalities
11:00–11:30Joshua RhodesThe impact of renewables on Texas: The 2023 Heat Dome and Beyond
11:30–12:00Michael WebberImproving Global Energy Literacy
Thank you for your support with investments of money, expertise, and time. This symposium is our way of saying thank you. Your support gives us the ability to perform research that stands the test of time and the resources we need to convey that research to policymakers and the general public. We couldn’t do it without you.