Esther Goita

Esther is an international student originally from Mali. She has been in the United States for the past few years completing the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program through the US Department State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs in June 2018. And later on, a bachelor’s degree in Geology at the University of Southern Mississippi in May 2022 graduating summa cum laude. During her undergraduate studies, she began her research career under the supervision of Dr. Jeremy Deans conducting an analysis of fluid pathways in magmatic fluid-dominated hydrothermal systems with a focus on Brothers volcano, New Zealand, allowing her to explore possible heavy mineral precipitations conditions and mechanisms. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Energy and Earth Resources and conducting research in the Webber Energy Group on hydrogen fugitive emissions as a result of her interest in energy management and fossil fuel alternatives. A lifelong goal of hers is to contribute to the intellectual competence of Mali and subsequently Africa and serve as an advocate with regards to economic resource management, and reliable energy development.

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