Dr. Matthew Skiles

As an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Matt has conducted systems analysis research as it relates to power grid operations and sustainability. Currently, he is focused on assessing the role of energy efficiency and demand response in increasing power grid resiliency during extreme weather events. As part of this research, Matt characterizes electricity demand profiles using the ResStock building energy model developed by NREL. He uses the ResStock model to generate building stock that is statistically representative of current residential housing and apply efficiency retrofits and equipment upgrades to investigate different development scenarios. He has also focused on investigating the impact that weather conditions have on electricity demand for historical severe weather events and future climate change scenarios.

Before joining The University of Texas at Austin, Matt earned a B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin where he worked for several organizations conducting research to inform environmental and energy policy-making processes. After graduating, he worked as an engineer in the energy services industry implementing energy optimization projects at commercial and industrial facilities.

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