Isabella Peterson

Isabella is originally from San Antonio but calls Austin home after living in the city for several years and completing her undergraduate degree. Isabella graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Sustainability Studies. Since then, Isabella has worked as a Climate and Energy Fellow with a local non-profit in Austin, promoting environmental advocacy and analyzing the Texas’ grid. Most recently, Isabella worked for the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) as a Carbon-Free Electricity Intern, where she conducted energy burden analysis. In that capacity, she examined how fossil fuels contributed to high energy burdens across the nation.

Isabella is currently a second year Master’s student at the Lydon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, where she studies energy policy, focusing on resiliency, conservation, and energy equity. In September 2023, she began working for the Webber Energy Group. As part of a joint initiative between WEG and the State Energy Conservation Office, Isabella will be focusing on updating the Texas State Energy Conservation Plan. Her final year of study will center on her research interests in energy conservation, energy efficiency, and resiliency.

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