LTC Corey James

PhD, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Hometown: Brazoria, Texas

Corey James is a Chemical Engineering PhD student at the University of Texas, co-advised by Dr. Tom Edgar and Dr. Michael Webber. Corey is an Army officer and AH-64D aviator with a variety of operational experiences. After serving his first eight years in the Army, he was selected to teach at the United States Military Academy. He received his Chemical Engineering MS from the University of Texas in 2009 and then served three years on the faculty in West Point, New York. While teaching at West Point, he served as an adviser for undergraduate research and as the co-director and founder of the Cadet Advanced Science and Technology Learning Environment (CASTLE). For outstanding performance as an educator and leader among the faculty, Corey was selected to be an Academy Professor and return permanently to educate at West Point. After a short two year operational assignment to Germany, he is now conducting his PhD work in preparation for that endeavor. He will graduate in June 2017 and move to West Point, New York.

Corey is married with two sons and enjoys flying his airplane, fitness, and fishing.

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MS, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 2009

BS, Chemistry, United States Military Academy, 1999

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