Leah Pretorius

Leah is originally from Botswana but has also lived in South Africa and most recently California. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles in June 2021. As an undergraduate, she did research on modeling ultra-high efficiency hybrid aviation power cycles for extreme-condition heat exchanger technology. This research experience led her to pursue a master's degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in thermal/fluid systems, at The University of Texas at Austin. The widespread energy deficiencies in her home country drove her curiosity about solutions for the multifaceted nature of Botswana’s energy problems. Her curiosity developed into a passion for the renewable energy sector and led to a long-term goal of expanding Botswana's access to affordable and clean energy. This motivation attracted her to the Webber Energy Group which she joined in August 2021. Her research is now in modeling battery storage and distributed energy resources for Austin Energy.

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