Julia Gawlick

Julia is pursuing a Ph.D. in engineering with a focus on future flexibility requirements in coupled energy systems. While originally from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, she spent three months as a visiting researcher at the Webber Energy Group. During her stay she will explore possible ways to decarbonize energy exports of Texas with a special focus to the implications on the electricity system in the ERCOT area.

Before starting her Ph.D. she graduated from TUM with a BS and MS in environmental engineering and is now working as a research associate in Munich since 2019. Her projects include the development of a European combined electricity and hydrogen system for implementing P2X solutions to ensure future energy supply to respective industries under various scenarios. Additionally, she completed projects that included hydrogen production in the MENA region, an analysis of electricity grid development in Germany, as well as a short outlook into future production technologies such as fusion power plants.

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