Erin M. Keys

  • Sales Executive, Opower

After graduating from the University of Texas in 2008, Erin joined a two-year management training program with General Electric (GE) called the Commercial Leadership Program (CLP). During her time in CLP, Erin held three different positions in GE’s thermal business aimed at grooming her sales and commercial skills. Erin spent the next two years at GE’s renewable energy headquarters in Schenectady, New York where she was responsible for wind turbine demand forecasting and emerging wind market analysis. Erin is now in her second year as a MS candidate in mechanical engineering. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing and cycling.

Research Topics

Erin is investigating the use of power electronics embedded in four quadrant, variable speed motor drives (VSDs) to provide dynamic power factor correction to the low voltage power grid. High penetrations of photovoltaic (PV) distributed generation (DG) can cause voltage fluctuations that occur more dynamically than typical utility assets like capacitor banks have historically been designed to correct.  Employing distributed VSDs for voltage support could help alleviate these power quality challenges associated with PV DG.

to come

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, May 2008


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