Emma Laub

Emma Laub is a fourth-year undergraduate student double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Plan II. She is currently working with Yael Glazer and Isabella Gee to study the potential of municipal organic waste as a source of renewable energy using anaerobic digesters. Prior to this project, Emma worked with WEG alumna, Arkasama Bandyopadhyay, on a techno-economic analysis of adding solar and storage to the electricity grid at the distribution level. She also developed an RShiny app which helps residential customers and electric utilities quantify peak electricity demand and reduction. Emma is particularly interested in the elimination of waste through a circular economy. In her fifth year of undergraduate studies, she plans to write her Plan II thesis on resource recovery, potentially connected to her current work on municipal organic waste. After graduation, Emma hopes to pursue a career in research or industry in the areas of sustainability or biotechnology. Outside of class, Emma is a member of Texas 4000 for Cancer. As a member, she raises money for cancer research, volunteers in the Austin community, and will bike from Austin to Alaska in the summer of 2022. Additionally, in her free time, Emma enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and playing guitar.

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