Brittany Speetles

Brittany has been involved in engineering research since her second year of engineering undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, when she received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship. She became interested in pursuing renewable energy and sustainability as she progressed through college and joined the Webber Energy Group after her third year of college. As an undergraduate, she assisted graduate students in the group with several projects, including a grid modeling project that used a unit commitment model to propose implementation of solar energy and reverse osmosis desalination in Kuwait, and a food project that compares the energy intensity of meal kits versus grocery shopping. Brittany stayed at UT to pursue a graduate degree and continue researching energy and decarbonization. Her research currently involves capacity expansion modeling for long-term electricity planning in highly renewable futures. After graduation, Brittany hopes to pursue a research-oriented career geared towards energy policy, climate change mitigation, and decarbonization. She enjoys writing, playing tennis and doing yoga in her free time.

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