Dr. Andrew S. Reimers

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, UT Austin

Andrew has held several positions in the field of thermal fluid sciences, most recently as a research associate for the Riverside Energy Efficiency Laboratory in College Station, Texas, where he was responsible for evaluating the performance and energy efficiency of commercial and residential HVAC equipment. Since joining WEG in the fall of 2013, Andrew's research has focused on the technical and economic aspects of the “energy-water nexus” as it relates to electric power generation. His projects have involved analyzing integrated power generation and desalination systems, waste heat and water recovery from power plant exhaust gas, water-lean cooling systems for thermoelectric power plants, and power-grid modeling. Andrew has extensive experience working with sponsors from industry and government and has also contributed op-eds to American Nuclear Society's "Nuclear Cafe” blog.

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MS, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University


Temple Foundation Graduate Fellowship

President's Endowment Award

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