Abigail H Partridge

Abigail is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas At Austin, majoring in Plan II Honors, Environmental Engineering, and Chemistry. Abigail is from Houston, TX and graduated from the Awty International School as valedictorian. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school, enter industry, or create a start-up to address the environmental stress caused by microplastics and pursue renewable energy technology. 

In high school, Abigail earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by hosting an educational fair on pollution and implementing a recycling pick-up program at Yellowstone Academy, a school for underprivileged students in grades Pre-K through 8th in Houston’s third ward.

On the forty acres, Abigail is involved in conducting computational research in alternative bimetallic catalysts that perform similarly or better than platinum for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in the Freshman Research Initiative Computational Materials stream. Additionally, she competes for the Texas Triathlon team, mentors elementary school aged children in the field of computer science as a member of Texas Code Orange, and pursues her love of learning languages with proficiencies in French, Hindi, and Mandarin (with many more on the list).

to come
  • High School: The Awty International School (Houston, TX)
  • University: The University of Texas at Austin (Class of 2022)

2019 FRI Summer Research Fellow

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