Dr. Philip R. White

Philip attended Oklahoma State University where he acquired a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in International Studies. As an undergraduate he had numerous international experiences such as taking Fluid Mechanics in Montpellier, France and participating in a research internship at Strojarski Fakultet in Slavonski Brod, Croatia where he modelled a food preservation refrigeration cycle. For his capstone design project, Philip built an energy model of a solar-heated emergency shower trailer. During his senior year he was awarded a Wentz Research Grant to study the social conflict caused by the disturbance of wind turbines on rural communities in Oklahoma.

After graduating in 2015, Philip attended the University of Cambridge to pursue a master’s degree (M.Phil) in Technology Policy. This interdisciplinary degree focused on the intersection of policy, economics and engineering. During the course, Philip completed a market analysis for the Microsoft Lumia and its Continuum feature for Microsoft Gulf, LLC. For his master’s capstone project, Philip was a student consultant for National Grid PLC where his team analyzed the DSR (demand-side response) mechanisms within the United Kingdom. Philip spearheaded a case-study of the ERCOT DSR mechanisms as part of the National Grid project. Philip and his team presented at the spring seminar of the University of Cambridge’s Energy Policy Research Group. It was his experiences at the University of Cambridge that compelled Philip to pursue a PhD and research topics related to energy and energy policy.

Philip began his graduate studies at UT Austin in the fall of 2016 and joined the Webber Energy Group in the spring of 2017 where he hopes to focus on residential electricity consumption in Texas.

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