Kelsey Richardson

Kelsey is a second year Chemical Engineering student pursuing a certificate in Environment and Sustainability from Austin, TX. With the Webber Energy Group, Kelsey works with Joshua Rhodes and Emily Beagle researching the suitability of utilizing right-of-ways along interstates highways for solar energy. After graduation, she hopes to either attend graduate school or work in the sustainable engineering industry.

While attending high school in Austin, TX, Kelsey was involved in a mentorship program that allowed her to attend Webber Energy Group meetings. This experience motivated her to pursue engineering and research.

Outside of research, Kelsey is also an officer for Engineers for a Sustainable World and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, two engineering organizations at the University of Texas. In her free time, she likes to read, hike, go camping, and drink tea.

to come

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Certificate Environment and Sustainability

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